Bar Belles

Going out to a bar or pub these days is a relatively easy dressing proposition as there is always a wide variety of dress codes in evidence, thereby making it pretty hard to look inappropriately turned out. Understandably however it can still be a little daunting to come up with your outfit if you are heading somewhere where there is as much attitude scattered throughout the room as the ubiquitous flat screen TVs.

Weekends in late spring and early summer I especially love, as this is when the inner city and suburban bars and pubs come alive with people heading out after their day of activity (or total inaction!) for drinks at sundown, before moving on to dinner or the movies, or indeed spending the night right where they are – after all, if the mood and the company is convivial, why mess with the perfect evening…

The air is alive with the remnants of suntan lotion, freshly showered and fragranced skin, and the clinking of ice in chilled down glasses. This is your ideal opportunity to pop on a new sundress, brush on a little bronzer, don a pair of leather thongs and some chunky bangles and make yourself feel fresh, sexy and glad to be alive! A cardigan or lightweight shawl is the foolproof way to make sure you don’t get caught by a sudden drop in evening temperature and at the same time top off this particular look.

If your outing is going to go on into the night, then black pants, shorts or jeans are the easiest of options for a little more dressiness. You can then be as adventurous or as simple as your mood dictates in terms of what you choose wear on your top half. Glittery singlets, halter necks, strapless, floaty or floral – they are all feminine alternatives that balance out the more practical bottom half of your outfit. A jacket makes it all sexy seriousness, and a cardi playful but practical.

Heels are now de rigeur with jeans and shorts as party attire – for daytime you can choose a more casual style like a raffia or a printed wedge; for evening anything you want really – metallic, suede, satin, brightly coloured leather or the glamorously glossy patent – it’s up to you!

The only word of warning is that you should think about whether you are going to be sitting or standing for the better part of the day or night, and indeed if there is going to be walking from one venue to another, and choose accordingly. Even with the best Party Feet  cushion inserts in your shoes there still comes a point where taking them off altogether is more tempting than keeping them on, but unless you are on the beach it is never a stylish look to have to adopt. There are plenty of cute flat and thong styles to choose from at the moment, and you can avoid this look becoming too casual by opting for something with a bit of sparkle or shine.

And whatever you choose, remember to feel comfortable, stand tall and wear your best smile. It will add a sparkle to your outfit that no amount of sewn-on sequins or eye-catching cleavage could ever match.

Happy bar-hopping!



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