Now that Christmas is out of the way, it’s time to start planning for the next big event on the calendar…New Year’s Eve…but what to wear?

That icon of American fashion design Bill Blass famously came up with the above mantra when advising women on what to wear in moments of indecison.

He maintained, quite rightly, that in a sea of black in a room of guests, a red or white outfit stands out from the crowd and makes a dramatic and stylish statement. Granted, his era was one of cocktail parties, cigarette holders and dry martinis, but his ethos remains a sound one.

He definitely had a soft spot for the vibrant hue, also remarking that “Red is the ultimate cure for sadness”. Now this would make it the ideal choice for a festive event such as NYE.

Too obvious for a Christmas function (not quite up there with holly earrings but a little too Nigella-perfect for my liking), the right shade of red or even a vibrant pink can be just the ticket to give the evening its essential zing. And having explored first-hand the energy giving properties that red can impart on the wearer in an earlier post entitled Mood Enhancers, I can safely say that it is an exciting choice to see in the new year with optimism and pizazz!

So why not go out on a limb a little and draw some attention to your fabulous self on this most celebratory of all nights; there’s no need to wait until the clock strikes midnight to start the year off in style!!