Sales Shopping 101

Sydney SalesThis list doesn’t just apply for those crazy sale times. It can also easily be consulted when embarking upon a shopping expedition on a busy day, or whenever you want to feel calm and unhurried and in the right mood for some fabulous purchases!

DO…wear separates. A top and pants or jeans are the most versatile for trying on with different items. A dress may be comfortable, but as soon as you see a top you want to try on you instantly saddle yourself with the problem of finding a pair of pants to try on with them. Needless to say this is not an easy task in this kind of rushed shopping atmosphere.

DO…wear a good bra and underpants. It makes a big difference when you get something home if you’ve tried it on with either no bra or an old stretched one. Plus when you strip off in the change room everything will look so much better in that mirror, essential for maintaining shopping morale.

DO…wear comfortable shoes. Choose ones that you can easily slip on and off without bending over constantly. How many times have we been shopping and had to undo the straps or buckles of sandals or boots over and over again, wobbling on one foot as people bump into us? ARRRGH!!

DO…wear small accessories. If you wear big dangly earrings or chunky necklaces you will be fabulous, but forever taking them off in every change room you enter. Apart from this annoying the bejesus out of you in no time at all, you run the risk of leaving them behind somewhere, which is most definitely not fabulous.

So now that you are ready to head out into the fray, think twice if any of these apply…

DON’T…go if you are in a hurry. You need to take your time. Even with a pre-prepared list it takes time to walk through the store, get stuck behind hordes of women scrabbling for their size with enormous handbags, locate the items you want, consider and dismiss the items you are being tempted to impulse buy, select your size and colour amongst the heap, and then go stand in the queue for the change room. You may even need to go back and try on another size – shop assistants usually don’t have time in the sales to go out and find it for you, so you will have to do it yourself. Then there’s the queue for the cashier…

DON’T…go on payday. Much better to wait until the end of the pay period and the rent is paid. Then you will have a much better perspective from which to make your decisions i.e. if I have no money left to pay for it how much do I really need it?

DON’T…go the day before your period. Speaking of periods, I don’t think I need to explain this one. Bad mood, plus bad body image equals bad choices. Bad idea.

DON’T…go shopping tipsy. Yes, we’ve all been there, and we’ve all got the slutty dress at the back of the wardrobe to prove it.

DON’T…go if you are hungry or just had a big meal. One will distract you and make you do rash things; the other will make you sluggish and suddenly half a size bigger.

And finally, remember to look after yourself and the environment…

  • Stop for breaks to sit, rest, and have a think about anything you aren’t sure about
  • Drink plenty of water – in your reusable water bottle!
  • Say no to a new carry bag in every shop (well, maybe just stick to the really nice ones)

See you in the line!



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