Look 1, Look 2: Parisian Winter Style

Look 1, photo the style bar 2013

As one of my ex-pat galpals so astutely observed after 6 months living on the ruthlessly chic & eternally elegant ‘Rive Gauche’ of Paris, there are basically 2 looks going on for the Parisian woman about town this Autumn/Winter.

Look 1, photo dryzie 2013

Look 1. Take a pair of skinny jeans – black, grey or denim – throw on a blouse, t-shirt or cotton knit, wrap a scarf around your neck, and finish off your ensemble with a short coat or jacket. Ballet flats or boots – high heeled or flat, short or riding style – complete the look.

Look 1, photo dryzie 2013

Look 2. Instead of jeans, opt for a skirt or dress that finishes above the knee and has a full or a-line skirt. The same kind of top works here as well, although this time if you don’t want to the coat option you can go for a fitted jacket or leather biker style. The same boots or ballet flats go below but this time you need to decide on tights or bare legs & socks to balance out the exposed legs.

Look 1 & 2, photo dryzie 2013

In general colours should be kept fairly neutral – black, greys, navy & white – although a splash of colour is permitted in your choice of scarf & skirts are often small & delicate floral prints or spots.

Look 1 & 2, photo dryzie 2013

And then there’s the whole Parisian element of the ‘Oh, this? I just threw it together’ thing going on, which we all know is patently untrue – but who can help but love the way it’s done so effortlessly & yet is so studied at the same time?

Look 1 his & hers, photo the style bar 2013

Of course the only thing more fun than sitting on the terrace of a Left Bank café on a Sunday afternoon, observing these famous looks & admiring the best examples is the aperitif & hours of conversation – fashion or otherwise – that invariably go with it…

Look 1 his & hers, photo the style bar 2013

Long live Fashion Sunday!!



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