About the style bar

I founded the style bar in 2007, after 15 years spent honing my skills in apparel, interiors, cosmetics and accessories in the fast-paced corridors of Australian and international fashion houses.

At the same time, I started a blog as a way to write about my experience and personal take on style without the attitude and elitism for which the industry is so well known.

From its beginnings as a place for budding aficionados to learn about style and have their dilemmas addressed, the style bar has evolved into a space for me to share my observations, recommendations and ongoing adventures in style around the world.


  1. Kasta muchas gracias for your feedback – always nice to hear from a happy reader!
    In the spirit of knowledge gathering, I have just posted a little piece on the lovely ballet flat for your enjoyment.


  2. The style bar has me hooked. It has opened my eyes to the possibilities of the current fashion trends which I have been noting with dismay for some time. Hooray.
    Could this be some excitement I sense for my next shopping trip? Something which I would normally approach with dread and a good sense of boredom?!
    Thanks Style Bar.
    PS Methinks my spur of the moment purchase of patent school blue flats was not so silly after all. I must read on to find out what to wear them with!
    Onwards with knowledge, the gatherings of a teenzy bit of style, and a dash of good luck…


  3. De nada Prue glad I got you over the smock shock…I also love your mule idea, especially if they happen to be of the wedge variety (a personal favourite of Rubi’s)…and while it’s still cool you can also keep your legs warm with some leggings and knee high boots as an alternative to jeans…


  4. ……. Muchas Gracias Rubi

    Loved the Little Smock of Horrors.. I have been eyeing the smock trend and wondering how I can avoid the 80’s “Darryl Lee” look… and you really helped me get that smock into the change room….

    I bit the bullet and found a yummy arabesque inspired pattern – high colar smock – Im wearing it with jeans and snake skin boots today… Thinking a little mini spring smock frock with the madras mules ….


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