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Five Things to do in Paris: The Winter Weekend

Heading out into the crisp winter air recently for a Fashion Sunday expedition, I realised with a shiver that many of my favourite Sunday in Paris activities were in need of a wee winter update! For while outdoor strolling and... Continue Reading →


Look 1, Look 2: Parisian Winter Style

As one of my ex-pat galpals so astutely observed after 6 months living on the ruthlessly chic & eternally elegant ‘Rive Gauche’ of Paris, there are basically 2 looks going on for the Parisian woman about town this Autumn/Winter. Look... Continue Reading →

It’s Amore! Italian style

Okay. I think it’s official. The French may have chic, the Spaniards sartorial flamboyance, but the Italians. Have. STYLE. So I think we all agree it’s impossible to travel to Italy and not have something to say about the way... Continue Reading →

Holy Haute Couture, Batman!

Before Haute Couture there was…well, haute couture. On the eve of the Fall-Winter 2013/14 Haute Couture shows in Paris, I am reminded of the exquisite colours and costumes I recently saw represented in the portraits of the virgin saints at... Continue Reading →

Up, Up & Away

Here’s the thing about fashion: even though we go on and on about how shallow & pointless it all is, all it takes is one incredible experience - so exquisite, so sublimely beautiful and uplifting that it literally brought tears... Continue Reading →

Outside the Square

The Louis Vuitton show may not have been the most wearable collection to have come out of the Spring-Summer 2013 collections, but it was certainly one of the most eye-catching - and effective - I have seen in a long... Continue Reading →

324 Shades of Grey

Like all stylish women, she doesn't seem to have a bad angle... Now that's my kind of Iron Mistress... 😉    

Midnight in Paris

Always a nice moment when you discover that the camera - & the cliché - do not lie...  

The Snow Must Go On

Gotta hand it to the French: even when temperatures plummet & Paris is covered in a blanket of snow, it's a Saturday during Sale Season so even if you can't feel your fingers one must soldier on! So let's grab... Continue Reading →

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