“Athina’s amazing eye for fashion and detail has brought me back into vogue.  In desperate need of a fashion revamp, Tina developed my own signature style to suit my post baby shape, providing a wardrobe action plan for the future & a renewed confidence.

Her talent for not only understanding the trends in fashion, but also understanding what style works for you is what makes Athina unique.  Every time I wear one of my new outfits I get positive comments on how I look – and I’m loving the attention!

I can’t wait to shop again – I haven’t had this much fun in years!”

Charmaine, Wentworth Falls, NSW, Australia


“the style bar puts the fun back into shopping for fashion – I’m not talking about the buzz of an impulse buy when you spend a lot of money, but then never wear it, or it doesn’t look that good, or it doesn’t go with anything else in your wardrobe – I’m talking about professional help of the style variety that lets you view your wardrobe with confidence, knowing that every item has a place and looks damn good on. 

Frankly, that kind of peace of mind is worth any money. Ditto having someone else wade through the dross on the shelves and hangers out there in shopping mall land to find the few gems that are most likely to make you look good and feel good to boot.

Once they’ve raised your fashion consciousness – I guarantee you’ll be back.”

Dominique – Sydney, Australia


“the style bar not only de-toxed my wardrobe but started a chain reaction that has flowed through the whole house. I invited the style bar into my bedroom because I was sick of wearing the same 3 pieces despite the fact my wardrobe was busting at the seams, not to mention the new collection from a recent trip to KL.. (still sitting in the suitcase!)

Starting with the scary shelves we removed two 10 kilo bags – instantly I felt a weight lifted – Athina was straight forward and helped strip away years of wrong colours, styles and the “what if” pieces.

Apart from having an objective voice to ease the overwhelming task of a wardrobe clean, the style bar gave me a new feng shui strategy that has really changed the vibe in the room, establishing the fact that the romance corner was being all choked up with heavy coats and bags. It is now revamped with sexy summer dresses and pink, white and red colours, lots of space and an exciting new energy flow…

A great way to bring on a change for summer!

Prue – Sydney, Australia

Prue’s Wardrobe Cleanse


Before #2Before #1Before #3

Midway through the process…

MidwayMidway #2

After the cleanse…

After #1After #2


“Having a personal stylist takes the stress out of shopping. 

For someone who has no idea about fashion, I used to spend hours at the shops and come home with nothing.  Now with my stylist, in a couple of hours I have plenty of outfits to see me through the season. 

It’s fantastic, I don’t dread shopping anymore and I always have something to wear.”

Sonia – Sydney, Australia


“Dear Tina 

Thanks so much for all your help with my Honeymoon packing.  You made it so much fun rather than the usual stress I get when trying to work out what to pack. I loved the way we teamed so many tops with bottoms and there’s now so much room in my case. Also thanks so much for helping me put together so many hot Honeymoon looks with my wardrobe, one that I am usually so fed up with.

Love your style. Felt so relaxed and comfortable.   

Now I’m ready for Rome…and my honeymoon!!!

Cheers and thanks again.”

Siobhan – Sydney, Australia


“Thank you so much for the advice…….your recommendations are spot on with the detail I gave you.  I was lost about ideas since it’s not something I do on a regular basis.

I went shopping today using your advice and found a very nice outfit.  Now I’m ready to go Sat. night.

Again, thank you and you have a wonderful week.”

Kay – Altanta, Georgia, USA


“Thanks for the inspiration and kick up the rear. I bought some gorgeous wedges and two other pairs of stylish flats a few weeks ago. 

I have been getting numerous compliments now I am paying more attention to my attire and accessories!

Great Style Bar advice.

Thanks Athina! “

Kellie – Sydney, Australia


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