*Wardrobe Cleansing

Packages from AUD150/EUR 100

3 Steps to Creating your Perfect Wardrobe

Let’s face it, a good clothing cleanse is something we all need to do at least once a year to make some space in our lives and get the creative energy flowing around the bedroom again!! And it is so much easier to do with a ruthless third party that is not as attached to your clothes as you are…

So how does it work?

The Wardrobe Cleanse is all about finding ways to save you valuable time and money: taking all the great pieces you already have and that work for you, removing the ones that don’t, and going from there.

This service is conducted in the comfort of your own home, at a time convenient to you: while the kids are at school, after work, on the weekend…restorative glass of wine optional…


After a brief overview – where you talk me through your favourites, your fashion fetishes, and your faux pas – we will conduct a thorough spring clean and de-cluttering of your wardrobe.

There may be some hard decisions to be made as you part with some old friends, but you will learn:

  • what pieces suit your body type
  • which colours work best with your complexion
  • which prints and fabric textures flatter your shape – and personality – the most.

Reorganizing and Coordinating

We will tidy up what is left into a simple, easy to access wardrobe that will make dressing a breeze, including:

  • arranging what is left into easy-to-maintain categories (tops, skirts, jackets etc) and colour groups
  • working on some outfit combos to get you used to the process of putting it all together with ease

Creating your Perfect Wardrobe

The last step in the process is working out what items you are now missing and making a shopping list so you can head out and find them!

If you don’t feel you are confident enough to tackle this on your own, then we can arrange a style bar Shopping Experience  and do it together.

You will be able to open your wardrobe every day knowing you have something to wear that won’t take hours to put together AND that will look great on you – so what are you waiting for – let’s get cleansing!

“I invited the style bar into my bedroom because I was sick of wearing the same 3 pieces despite the fact my wardrobe was busting at the seams, not to mention the new collection from a recent trip to KL (still sitting in the suitcase!)

Athina was straight forward and helped strip away years of wrong colours, styles and the “what if” pieces – instantly I felt a weight lifted – apart from having an objective voice to ease the overwhelming task of a wardrobe clean, the style bar de-toxed my wardrobe & started a chain reaction that has flowed through the whole house!” Prue Torres, Bronte, NSW

More Testimonials

For more info or a free quote, please contact me at athina@thestylebar.net

While I am on tour in Australia, you can also call +61 404 932 166

Packages from AUD150/EUR 100

Personal Style Notes

After both the shopping and wardrobe services, you will receive a summary of our session:

  • practical notes and sketches of the shapes that suit you
  • what you need to start building up your basic wardrobe
  • examples of colours, fabrics and print patterns you should look out for
  • what you should avoid.

Also included will be a little fashion insider info on some stores that generally stock the types of clothes that will suit your style and (just as importantly) your budget.

Plus, some tips on what looks are going to be around for the season that you will be able to adopt and wear.  If we have taken photos of outfit suggestions then these will be here too.

Cost: AUD50 (or at no extra charge as part of a Wardrobe Cleanse or Shopping Experience)


  1. Hi there,

    Pls call me on 0404 488 175

    I am intetested in a consultation



  2. I really like the sound of your wardrobe cleansing session!!

    On average, how many hours does it take to complete this process? (so I can get and idea of price as your cost is an hourly rate?)

    Also, are you located in Australia?

    My contact number is 0414 560 673. I will be keen to do this in August of 08.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.



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